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Jenn has over twenty years of experience in the health, fitness and wellness industry.

Since launching her company, Rockey Fitness, Inc. 17 years ago, she has developed a high-quality and loyal client base throughout the Chicagoland area. Jenn’s success can be attributed not only to her extensive training, but also to her personality, as she gets most of her clients through referrals from current and former clients, doctors, therapists, nutritionists and physical therapists. Clients love her because of her unique approach to personal training, focusing on overall health and wellness along with safe and effective exercise regimens. As one client stated: “take the joy of being able to move your body anyway you’d like, subtract the boredom and dread of working out, add functional actions with the high-spirited personality and passion for health, wellness and fitness and you’ve got Jenn Rockey!”

Originally from Wisconsin, Jenn is one of 9 siblings. At the age of 9 she was diagnosed with Type I insulin-dependent diabetes. Through intense daily blood sugar testing, lots of sweaty workouts and eating right, Jenn is the model of how disease does not have to define your life. Living with, managing, and thriving with her diabetes makes her an invaluable resource with someone coping with the same condition.

B.S. in Health Promotion/Wellness and Exercise Science – UW- Stevens Point

Certified Massage Therapist – Chicago School of Massage Therapy
Certified Personal Trainer – American Council of Exercise
Certified Health Coach – American Council of Exercise
Clinical Exercise Specialist – American Council of Exercise
Pre/Post Natal Exercise, Neuromuscular Training and Sports Specific Training

Jenn Rockey

Personal Trainer & Physical Therapist