Active Over 60 and Lovin It!

Jenn Rockey has been my personal trainer for approximately ten years and over that time I have found her to be dedicated, caring, resourceful, a wonderful health and life coach. Above all, she is extremely knowledgeable in her field.

I have had other trainers who, when I mentioned that a move bothered me, would say ”we’ll skip that and move on to something else. Not Jenn – her response is always “That means you need to strengthen —” or “That means we need to concentrate more on —-”. Her breadth of knowledge is unbelievable, her dedication to her clients is unsurpassed, and I don’t know how I would manage if she were not part of my life.

Every word is true!!!!!

– Carole, Client for over 10 years

OFF Insulin!

I used to be a runner. When I was a Jr in high school I actually ran the Chicago marathon FOR FUN and FINISHED it!! After years of college, living abroad, and having 3 kids I was overweight and exhausted. Several years ago I was diagnosed with type 11 diabetes and put on insulin. As I approached 50, I didn’t want to be out of shape…And THEN I MET JENN!!!

Jenn helped me remember how much I liked working out. How I like that feeling of being strong. She started out with me when I could barely do 20 sit ups. Now friends and family are constantly asking me who my health trainer because they can see how good I feel about my workouts.

Within two months of working with Jenn, I got off insulin. And my diabetes numbers improved. My endocrinologist was vastly impressed.

Now a day doesn’t go by that I don’t want to work out. Strange as it sounds, I am ADDICTED to my workouts. On days where I do NOT get to it, I feel stiff and achy and actually more TIRED and lethargic. On days when I DO work out the stress just melts away. I no longer work out to please Jenn (sorry Jenn!). I work out because it FEELS good!

Have I met all my goals? Am I done losing weight? Far from it, but I am STRONG and healthy. When my family travels, we ski and hike and swim, and I LOVE IT!…. And the only way I will achieve my goals and persevere, is by taking care of myself. And with Jenn, that is JUST about possible!!!

– Dalia, Client of 8 years