90 pounds taken off by changing my behaviors!

My story …. I have been working with Jenn Rockey for the past 2 years.  When I met Jenn,  I was in my home and 95% of my lifestyle was sedentary and sitting.  I went from doing nothing all day to joining the local senior center 5-6 days a week and attempting to walk from chair to chair to now doing chair aerobic classes, chair yoga class and one hour of the Nu-Step machine every day.   We set up chairs around the facility and about 10 feet apart.  We started with a heart rate monitor on my finger and attempting to walk to the next chair, which to me was a major accomplishment.  I was very discouraged and depressed, at 420 pounds and could barely stand for 3 seconds without getting dizzy and weak.  Side by side Jenn coached me, encouraged me and got me to believe in myself slowly through accountability and knowing I would be seeing her in a week.   I learned about my heart and my blood sugars through careful monitoring and asking a lot of questions about my body and how it works.  Through a better understanding of my body I was able to understand more and become more focused on what I was doing.  I eventually began to walk more each day, going from 100 steps per day to now 2000 steps per day.  I have goals of doing more walking to do the simple things like going to the grocery store, shopping, going to a movie or a performance concert.  Also, my food intake has changed quite a bit as well.  My food has changed from a diet that consisted of 4,000 calories per day of which 80% was sugary sweets mainly.  For example, regular visits to Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds and Panda Express.  When I lost my first 20 pounds it was a turning point as Jenn introduced accountability to me.  Now I call her to report in every day what I ate the previous day.  It was amazing to me  how it helped me to eat five to six small meals and keep a journal of what and when and why I ate so it helped me to stay accountable.   Calling Jenn made the biggest difference.  I drink more water everyday, I am trying to cook in my kitchen for the first times in years and I no longer have junk food in the house.  My Type 2 diabetes is under control and I have minimal medications and an A1c of 5.8.  I no longer take any blood pressure medication as my blood pressure is at 110/70 which is great for me!  Everyday is a new one with hope and not nearly as much despair.  Everyday is of new HOPE  for each day in my future, thanks to Jenn Rockey.  Her guidance, encouragement, smiles and attitude toward positive outcomes sets her apart from the norm.  My current weight is 330 and now for the first time  I can step on a regular scale, I am walking more and feel so much more energy throughout the day.  My goal now is another 100 pounds and although I know it will be difficult, I know I can!!

Lee S

Health Wellness & Fitness after 50!

I have known and closely worked with Jenn Rockey for the past nine years. I started seeing her as a wellness trainer when I was in my 50’s and recovering from some minor injuries. I had some flexibility and not much physical strength, balance, and coordination.

Jenn has been able to bring my confidence level up to the place where I feel stronger, balanced, and connected to my physical body. I am able to do more physical activities and challenge myself more then I ever did when I was younger.

Her approach includes vast knowledge of the human body and its functions, awareness of the relationship between the mental, spiritual and physical in all of her work-outs. Nutrition is also an important part of the wellness program.

Using a variety of techniques, equipment and exercises, I can honestly say that every session is different and specifically reflects my needs of the day. She is extremely hard-working, professional, cheerful, has a wonderful sense of humor, punctual, and is devoted to her clients.

Jenn is a true testimonial to her work. She lives her beliefs and is always growing and learning to strive for higher excellence.

– Judy, Client for over 9 years

Tennis Player Over 74 Years Old!

I don’t know where I’d be without Jenn Rockey. I am 74 years old and have this wonderful knowledge of correct exercise due to her coaching. I have been able to maintain strength and energy that has enabled me to play tennis with 40 year olds four times a week.

– Doris, Client for over 11 years

Neck and Shoulder Pain

When I began training with Jenn Rockey, I had decided I would have to tolerate some level of pain the rest of my life.  After having surgery and physical therapy to correct my shoulder issues, I was still in pain.  My hope was she could show me how to diminish my neck and shoulder pain, and perhaps help me get into better shape.  Without exaggeration, I can report as a result of Jenn’s training, I no longer have pain anywhere.  To me, that is nothing short of miraculous!  Jenn’s commitment to physical well being is without peer, and I know she is as pleased with my improvement as I am.  I recommend Jenn Rockey without reservation!

– Lynn, Client for 4 years