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Corporate Wellness Programs


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Our unique array of specialties and programs offered lets your company tailor a program that is the
best fit for your employee’s individual health enhancement

Choose a combination of any of the following components for your wellness program: (Prices listed are quotes for groups of 10 people and are subject to change based on number of employees)

Exercise Program Development – $250/month (potential additional initial cost for equipment)
The experts at Rockey Fitness will develop a comprehensive exercise program for the employees at your company and instruct the group on the proper form and technique. Each month, the program will be revised and advanced based on the abilities of the individuals enrolled.

Biometric Measurements – $100/week or $350/month
Choose from weekly or monthly biometric measurements to track progress and assess achievement of goals. Measurements offered include: waist circumference, weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and body fat percentage.

Incentive Program – Cost of biometric measurements + $10/person
Think your employees will need a little extra encouragement? Let us make the wellness program a little more competitive. You are in charge of picking and supplying the prize, we’ll do the rest by applying a point value to certain goals reached and participation in workouts or health coaching (if purchased). We’ll do the data collection and analysis and report results back to the company.

Health Coaching via SkypeTM – 12 sessions for $400, 8 sessions for $300, or 4 sessions for $100 (sessions expire after 60 days)
20 minute one-on-one health coaching sessions with a Certified Health Coach from Rockey Fitness. As highly educated and trained health and wellness professionals, Health Coaches offer advice, encouragement and guidance to a person struggling to attain wellness goals. The aim of these sessions is to help the individual make positive behavior and habit changes to achieve the ultimate goal of a healthier and improved lifestyle. Topics include, but are not limited to: weight loss, stress relief and management, healthy eating and nutrition, motivation and achievement of wellness goals

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