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ROCKEY FITNESS, INC., established in 1998, is a cutting edge group of fitness & wellness professionals.


Empowering Clients to Improve Their Lives Through Fitness and Healthy Living

ROCKEY FITNESS, INC. (RFI) was founded by Jenn Rockey in 1998. RFI is best known for its professional positive approach to Fitness & Wellness. Clients are interviewed and undergo a thorough fitness/wellness evaluation before they begin their training program. We believe in preventative care and often times will reach out to your medical doctor for clearance if needed.  We have a good understanding of how the body works, are nationally-certified and highly skilled in exercise instruction. 

RFI treats exercise like a "medical prescription", an integral part of a health care program, linking it to the prevention and treatment of aging, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and many other medical ailments.

RFI has a very unique approach to helping each individual client.  First, we respect where the client is today….their perspective, beliefs and their own level of motivation are just a few.  Second, we educate each client in the appropriate areas of importance according to their health and fitness goals. Third, we coach, train and enhance their lives, at their pace, while being positive role models ourselves.  

RFI, conducts an interview intended to motivate, inspire and start the momentum in the right direction toward that of optimal well being. We do a full fitness assessment to help determine your physical strengths, weaknesses, and any areas of potential concern.  An effective exercise program is designed for you, fitting your physical and medical profile, your fitness level and body type.  We teach you how you can benefit from the combination of properly performed physical exercises and the correct alignment and form with each exercise and therefore minimizing any chance of injury.  Particular attention will be paid to your posture and torso or CORE stability in order to protect your neck, back, knees and other joints.  Our training extends well beyond vanity and into the domains of improved health, fitness and overall optimal well being.

Therefore, a quality if life is determined with each individual client and a VISION is determined with their doctor as well.  We want to encourage, coach and motivate clients toward a better quality of life….whether it is childhood….teens….20’s ... 30's ... 40's ... 50's ... 60's ... 70's ... 80's ... and yes 90's!

RFI Views Life's Choices...

Specialty Focus Programs

  • IN-HOME Personal Training for ALL AGES
  • KIDS in Motion Exercise/Lifestyle Coaching
  • DIABETES and EXERCISE for Type I-Insulin Dependent
  • DIABETES and EXERCISE for Type II - Non-Insulin Dependent
  • Pre/Post Natal Exercise